Rex Cadman's Achilles tank destroyer at MFM 2017

Event team / Vehicle News

Posted on February 11, 2017 at 20:01

We're pleased to announce Rex Cadman will be supporting the show with his
War and Peace Company’s 17 pounder.

This vehicle will be part of a living history display and may also feature in the battle re-enactment self-propelled. It is a rare vehicle in preservation and the show offers an almost unique opportunity to see it.

The Achilles is a British variant of the American M10 tank destroyer, it was armed with a powerful British Ordnance 17 pounder anti-tank gun in place of the standard Gun. There was a total of 1,100 M10s converted during service with a 17 pounder gun. The name "Achilles" was officially a designation applied to both the 3" gun and 17 pounder versions, but was little used during the Second World War; at the time, the vehicle was called 17pdr M10, or 17pdr SP M10, or even occasionally, "Firefly". It has since become identified almost exclusively with the 17 pounder version.