What's at this year's show

The Essex HMVA Military and Flying Machines show is THE premier military event for the East Anglia area ... now in its 11th year, we have so many experiences that will leave you wanting more.

The show is entirely run by a charity, The Essex Historic Military Vehicle Association - All the organisers and people at the event are volunteers who take no salary and any money that is made goes either to good causes or back into subsequent years shows.

Here's just a taste of some of the things you can see this year:

Hundreds of Military Vehicles and Displays.

From push bikes to massive trucks that even make the tanks look small! The tanks and armoured vehicles will be taking part in the awesome and well renowned vehicle parades. In addition to the battle re-enactments, we also have a fantastic line up of classic cars, bikes and buses.

History of modern warfare.

There will be an amazing turn out of living history with nearly a thousand living history displays, depicting military life from many periods and nationalities. These historical re-enactors go to massive lengths to represent history as accurately and authentically as possible and are always happy to answer your questions or demonstrate equipment, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Experience Life in the Wild west.

Ever wanted to experience life as a frontiersman ? - come experience life as a settler on the American frontier with Spearfish Creek and learn something about the history of the American Wild West in the 19th Century

Escape from the POW camp.

Pit your wits against your German captors and see if you can escape the POW camp, make it to safety and meeet up with the resistance.

Displays and fly pasts of historic aircraft.

Military and flying machines is famous for its airplane displays and this year is no different, with displays of vintage fighter planes and cockpits as well as flypasts from vintage spitfires, where else can you see,hear and experience these machines ?

Music and other entertainments, including a '40s fashion show in our Beer Tent.

Back by popular demand will be our wonderful live 'wartime' entertainment in our huge marquee all day, including music and a 40s fashion show - if walking round the show ground is getting too much for you,
why not stop a while and have a drink whilst you're there?

Tank arena area running displays.

Come and experience the awesome power and noise that these tanks make whilst running and stay for our renowned battle displays.

Lots of interesting stalls and great tastes in our food areas.

Still hunting for that illusive item? - have a look round our militaria stalls, or if you're feeling hungry stop a while and visit our all new food area.

Guided Tours around the site.*

Why not join one of our guided tours around the show and learn about the collections from the people who know most about them - the collectors themselves.

Surprise visitors.

We always try to keep something as a surprise to see at the show - the best way to find out about these is to come and see it !

(*) Subject to availability
Please note: Due to the time constraints involved in getting the appropriate authorisations, this year, there will be no Tank or Helicopter rides.